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  • Contains all 1.75 million active postcodes in the United Kingdom with linked towns, counties and coordinates.
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Sample list of postal codes

A Single Source of Data

Get consistent and comprehensive postcode information for the whole of the United Kingdom in one place, with no need for further lookups or manipulation. The data provides full coverage for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. It includes:


The data contains records of all 1,744,643 postal codes currently in active service in the UK. This field contains the full length postcode unit in a standard and consistent 6-8 character format.

CB10 1AA

Every individual postcode is grouped into geographical postcode districts, identified by the outward part of the record (before the space). For simplicity and ease of use this field contains the district for all records.

Postal Town

Each postcode has a postal town associated with it, which is usually the location of the Royal Mail sorting office responsible for covering the area. A postal town covers one or more postal districts and may cover a single city or large town, or multiple small towns and villages, and .

Saffron Walden

The county field contains the relevant high-level administrative area. It contains the Ceremonial Counties for England, Principal Areas for Wales, and Unitary Authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


This contains the relevant British country or crown dependency name: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Easting and Northing

These fields contain the precise location coordinates for each postcode. All Eastings and Northings use the Ordnance Survey Great Britain 1936 datum (OSGB36), apart from entries for Northern Ireland which use the Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland 1952 datum (OSNI52). Eastings and Northings are blank for the Channel Islands (because neither OSGB36 or OSNI52 provide adequate coverage) and for all PO Box and Non-Geographic records.

553747, 238254
Latitude and Longitude

These fields contain the precise location coordinates for each postcode in decimal degrees using the World Geodetic System 1984 datum (WGS84). They are blank for all PO Box and non-geographic records.

52.02141, 0.23929
Postcode Type

This contains the type of postcode: Geographic, Non-Geographic or PO Box. PO Box and non-geographic postcodes are used by the Royal Mail for sorting purposes and don't correspond to a physical geographic location. Typically PO Box records relate to a specific Post Office Box in a sorting office, and Non-Geographic records are assigned to specific large businesses and organisations.


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Our download packages are designed to be quick and easy to use and compatible with a wide range of software. Each package contains the data in standards-compliant CSV and Microsoft Excel formats, and includes import scripts for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

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  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Excel

Accurate and Quality Assured

You can be confident that our list of UK postcodes is complete, up-to-date and quality assured.

We use only the latest information from official Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey sources, and fully refresh the data with thousands of new postcodes once every quarter.

Data supplied by:

  • Royal Mail
  • Ordnance Survey

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We understand that software developers and businesses need the freedom to work flexibly without being hindered by licence conditions.

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PostcodeDistrictPostal townCountyCountryEastingNorthingLatitudeLongitudeType
CB8 0AACB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56403326375852.247560.40135Geographic
CB8 0ABCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56383126407452.250450.39855Geographic
CB8 0ADCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56372626430552.252560.39712Geographic
CB8 0AECB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56377526424952.252040.39781Geographic
CB8 0AFCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56360026431352.252670.39528Geographic
CB8 0AHCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56343826447552.254170.39299Geographic
CB8 0AJCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56346326450352.254420.39337Geographic
CB8 0ALCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56348926465652.255780.39383Geographic
CB8 0ANCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56325626462652.255580.39040Geographic
CB8 0APCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56331626475652.256730.39134Geographic
CB8 0AQCB8NewmarketSuffolkEngland56353826452952.254630.39448Geographic

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